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body. >> unspeakable tragedy. a man hit from behind in a wheelchair. what the driver was seen why one of the greatest school districts says the consolidation in necessary. where did it go? the satellite plummeted to earth. where nasa believes it may have landed. a life long resident is dead tonight hit by a car while using his wheelchair. on his family's search for answers and the driver police are looking for. >> he was kind of like a free spirit all over this town. >> reporter: jim cox is talk about his brother, dave, who was hit and killed as he wheeled himself in his wheelchair in richmond. >> he's gone. it's all over with. >> reporter: there's a flower memorial at the intersection with 34th street today where we found a witness. >> i saw his body on the ground
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with the wheelchair 30 feet away from his body. >> reporter: she didn't want to appear on camera, but said after the driver hit cox from behind, he took off. >> he try to drive forward, the wheelchair was stuck in the bump, so he -- reversed the car and then turned. >> it could have been an accident, but the fact that the person failed to stop after he hit the victim makes it a crime at this point. so, it's a felony hit-and-run. >> reporter: cox died at the hospital soon after at age 52. a life long richmond resident. >> being in a wheelchair, he was still very energetic. to me, he really loved life. >> reporter: he spent his life in that chair. >> his nurse -- nerves grew down his back and grew in a circle and didn't go down his legs. >> reporter: jim cox lost his leg a few years ago and since they lived in their childhood room, he coached him along. >> he had his wheelchair and all the criteria for running.
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it's just that crazy thing to happen. >> reporter: police are looking for the older model black lexus with tinted windows and rear spoiler and probably has front end damage from the crash. they're offering a $10,000 reward. >> i can't understand a guy just driving off. i just don't understand that. >> in richmond, aaron makovich. >> today, they distributed a list of schools they'd like to close coming opt same day the district celebrates the opening of the refurbished campus that features a state of the art health clinic. school officials say the goal is to create more campuses like this one. a full service community school. >> we have 131 schools for 38,000 kids and that is really far out of alignment. we've got to be able to manage our resources better to serve
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our children better. >> officials say the decision of which schools are closed depends on what schools are located. the schools with the fewest number of children that use the school will be the first to close. the district announced they would like to close the following elementary schools. lake view, zer, marshall, max well-park and santa fe. the mother of an 8-month- old is in custody tonight accused of killing her baby. the boy was found dead in an apartment yesterday afternoon. minutes later, the boys mother 27-year-old was rescued from an overpass above highway 101. police grabbed her as she climbed over the railing preparing apparently to jump. there were no signs of trauma on the child. an autopsy will be done to find out how he died. was it a ?rash or a crash? -- splash or a crash? we don't know for sure. nasa believes all debris from that defunct slight appears to
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have fall noon a remote part of the pacific oceanment the precise spot may -- ocean. the precise spot may never be pinpointed. this isn't such a rare occurrence. >> reporter: in france, an amateur astronomer caught this footage of the defunct research nasa satellite and overnight this video was captured over los angeles of the satellite's apparent descent to earth. launched in 1991 to study the ozone layer, nasa has confirmed that the six ton upper atmosphere research satellite crashed down early saturday morning. no exact location is yet known, but most is believed to have fallen into the pacific ocean or burned up as it re-entered earth's atmosphere. it is the biggest nasa spacecraft to fall back to earth uncontrolled since 1979. space debris crashing back to earth surprisingly is not a rare occurrence. this is not an unusual event because we have about 20-40 of these things a year coming down. this one is a little large. we've had larger come down
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also. >> reporter: man-made space debris falls to earth all the time, but the odds that a piece of this satd light could have hit -- satellite could have hit any one person on the la plata net was minute -- planet was miniscule. just one in 21 trillion. >> we've had over the last 40 years, 50 years of putting things into space. we've had a lot of debrief brie come down -- debris come down. sometimes 100 objects or more. we've had only one person brushed on the shoulder by a light piece of debris in all that time. >> referee: thankfully this -- >> reporter: thankfully in satellite has fallen safely out of harm's way. >> that is elaine reporting. the two cal graduates imprisoned in iran for more than two years are on their way to the united states at this hour. they told reporters before leaving oman before leaving are eager to go home. they spent two years in the country that secured their release and paid their million
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dollar bail. >> we'll never forget our excitement of seeing our loved ones at the foot of the plane. the joy of embracing them after so long will stay with us forever. >> hours after we left prison, we were able to swim in the calm waters of the gulf. we stayed up all night with our loved ones and we watched the most beautiful sunset we've ever seen. >> baur and fatar thanked officials in owe man for helping to free them. they hope one day to return to that country. a bay -- in other bay area headlines, b.a.r. t. s. police force. they want to hear the status of reforms in the department. they've within the target of police shootings. b.a.r. t. says it's overhauled a number of procedures and changed leadership at the top. oakland-based clorox will stay intact. billionaire tycoon says he's
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dropping his bid to buy the company and auction it off. he realized shareholders didn't like the idea. the move means clorox will stay in downtown oakland. icon had pressed the company to put it up for sell to produce a higher stock price. preventing your car from being towed. that's the idea from one san francisco supervisor. board president is propoagz the city stops paying tow companies to remove cars and wants to put an early warning into place. drivers would receive alerts on their smart phones 30 minutes before their car towed giving them time to move their cars. a kwai davy -- qaddafi loyalists. targets taken out with the help of nato. republicans get a shock and a gop contender a shot in the arm. the results of today's straw poll in florida that has other candidates rethinking their
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positions. well, fall officially began yesterday. already, we have cooler temperatures and the chance of showers on the horizon. we'll take a look at the details coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. >> closed captions brought to you by -- ,,,,,,
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government forces, backed by nato warplanes-- stormed one of mu libyan provisional government forces backed by nato war planes stormed one of omar qaddafi's last stronghold. the troops trying to take his hometown came under heavy sniper fire. nato would not comment on its operations in sert. it said names had a number of targets including an apple nation depot and anti-aircraft gun. provisional government forces have earlier retreat and another stronghold after meeting fierce resistance. they suffered damage from a fire in one of its warehouses. it was in a warehouse dock with paint that belongs to a military base at the port. the port has been a focal point of force loyal to qaddafi and
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fighters supporting the new opposition government. one person died in that fire. an upset victory in the republican straw poll. georgia businessman cain topped the nonbinding poll. florida is seen as crucial to winning the election. some of the candidates may have to rethink their campaigns. >> reporter: the republicans go the a shock and gop presidential hopeful herman cain got a shot in the arm winning the florida straw poll in an upset. >> with 1786 reports, 37.1%, herman cain. >> reporter: cain, a 65-year- old businessman, politician, columnist and radio host from georgia topped the favorites including texas governor rick perry who was still in florida saturday morning. in fact, perry called it a mistake for his main presidential rivals michelle balkman and myth romney to leave florida before the voting began.
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even perry was already in michigan ahead of the final tally speaking to the gop faithful on mackin yao island. >> i will guide this country with a deep, deep rutter. >> reporter: romney who traveled to the resort by ferry steered clear of the statement. the massachusetts governor and son of a former michigan governor, told reporters why he can be the first republicannominee to carry the state in nearly a quarter century. >> one of the key reasons i'd be competitive in michigan and hopefully win michigan if i were the nominee in part because of the name and reputation that came from my mom and dad. >> reporter: so many political experts say the straw poll won't do much to change the candidates position nationally. they may need to rethink their positions now that herman cain has won in florida. cbs news, new york. >> if you're look to go buy a house, now is the time. what the fed has done to mortgage rates to try and stimulate the economy. well, big changes in store for our warm indian summer pattern of last week as we see
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cloudy and cool conditions extend into the bay and a chance of showers soon to follow. we'll have the details coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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eyewitness news is brought to you by your northern california lexus dealer. test drive a luck yourerrous automobile today. >> the fed's latest attempt to stimulate the company means record low mortgage rates. 30 year fixed rate loans are available for less than 4%. the catch is very few people can qualify for financing or refinancing. many can't meet the tight lending standards that were put in place since the mortgage meltdown and bank bailout and
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others owe more than than home is now worth so they can't get a new loan at a better rate. financing at lower rates would stimulate the economy by putting more spending money in borrowers' pockets. more than five million americans with alzheimer's disease and more than twice serve as their care gives. thousand gathered at san francisco's mission creek park for the annual walk to end alzheimer's. it's one of the nation's largest events to raise awareness and money for care, support and research. >> reporter: these thousands of people here today are willing to talk about it, willing to say i understand it, i've had it in my family and i don't believe my kids and grandkids have to have that future. >> the event has raised more than $1 million every year since 2007. cbs 5 among those out there walking with his family and apparently his two, little dogs. jim, i guess it was a chilly day to be walking there. >> a far cry from last week
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when we saw lots of warm temperatures across the region. classic indian summer pattern for the bay even triple digit readings in the valley. that's gone for now as the onshore flow is replacing that warmth with cloudy and cool weather and bringing back or bringing to the bay the chance of showers for tomorrow early in the season here. we're looking at our first chance of some rainshower activity. it will be a glancing blow and very light. we see already the clouds increasing across the city as the onshore flow returns to the bay in a big way bringing back low clouds and fog resulting in a cooler sunday and a slight chance of showers briefly cooling things down before we warm it up again for next week. we see the cloud cover today moving at us from the west. also, we have some southerly, sub tropical moisture moving off into the high country of the sierra generating thunderstorm activity there, but basically staying south of our region. here comes our cooler weather pattern with a chance of a few showers in there. better chance up in the north bay, of course, as you would expect with just a slight chance across the greater bay
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area. if we do see any rain, shupt be more than an -- shouldn't be more than a .10 of an inch up to the north bay area. we'll continue with that onshore push bringing clouds through the golden gate much like we see out there tonight. cooler temperatures as we see the locations into the mid-up toker 70s for tomorrow. across the peninsula looks like mid to low 60s and on the beach upper 50s and the east bay warm spots still in the upper 70s. cooling as you head back towards the water into the mid to low 70s here. north bay, more of the same. upper 60s to low 70s with better chance of major precipitation through tomorrow morning. that energy will begin to wind down as skies gradually break up through the day leaving it partly cloudy by tomorrow afternoon and dry for the most part as we see temperatures remaining on the cool side through the day tomorrow and beginning to warm come monday continuing that trend into and through next week where we
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should be back into the mid to low 90s for the hot spot with a little bit of rain across the area and always keep in mind the first rain of the season tends to be a very slick one. cautionary advice out there, this is the first rain of the season. >> thank you much. >> mow -- potential. hi, kim. >> i caught you watching the scoreboards today. would the giants be eliminated from the playoffs before they took the field today and could cal's brothers lead the bears to another last-second wine gets the foot down --
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ran for a career high 209-yards some good news from san jose. >> they were oh, so close against nevada and ucla the last few weeks. san jose state's brandon ruttily ran for a career high 209 yards and two touchdowns to lead the spartans to their first win of the season as they beat new mexico state 34-24. cal hasn't won in seattle since 2005. on the opening drive for the bears, third and 20 deep in their own territory, zach maynard finds his brother wide open and the sophomore receiver does the rest. he touches it back to the outside and outruns three husky defenders for a 90-yard touchdown. his third of the season. washington up 14-10. price rolls right, takes the defense with him and that means
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offensive jenkins with some room to run with the second touchdown of the half. 21-10, huskies. later in the second, u. dub up 21-13. cal's c.j. anderson scores from one yard out. bears trailed at the half. the two teams exchanged field goals in the third quarter, but it was washington finding the end zone in the fourth. deep to chris who got behind the bears d. 70 yards later, it's 31-23, huskies. poke had 123 total yards. cal marching down the field. maynard finds his brother. alan was huge all game. 10 catches for a career high. maynard threw for 349 yards, but they wouldn't finish off the drive. maynard overthrows alan on fourth and goal. huskies hang on for the win. cal scores three points in the second half as they lose their first game of the season.
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other notable games. oklahoma state came back to beat texas amount & m in a bat -- a&m in a battle of top 10 teams. florida state their second straight lot and notre dame beat pitt 15-12 to improve to 2- 2. the math is simple for the giants playoff hopes. they need to win out and the braves need to lose all five of their remaining games. atlanta is stumbling to the finish line just 9-14 in september. nationals pitcher chien-ming wang picks up his first career hit and rbi. on the mound, wang gave up one run in six innings and nats go on to beat the braves 4-1. the cardinals are now two games behind the braves and the giants remain alive for the time being, but right now they're down 6-1 to the diamondbacks in the second inning. third round of the tour championship, aaron battily's approach on the fourth hits off the flag and goes in for an eagle. he shoots six under 64 to grab a share of the lead.
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joining him at nine under is hunter mayham who finishes the round with a long birdie putt that puts him in position to win the fedex cup and $10 million prize. it will be a reunion tomorrow in cincinnati. three former 49ers are now on the bengals and josh morgan is looking forward to playing against his old teammate nate clemens. >> that's the most winter ball. you know this trip. you know you're going to try to poke it around. you know you're going to fake. you know all that. you know you're practicing against them. that's what makes them a good corner because everybody doesn't know that. everybody not always with him. >> when looks across the field tomorrow, he will see a very familiar face on the jets side line. he and rex ryan once worked together as assistant coaches with the ravens. >> i was kind of like his setup man. i used to talk to the other quarterbacks before the game.
5:56 pm
i'm going to make sure i keep everybody away from my quarterbacks before this game and rex is unbelievable personality. >> i think rex is a great coach. i think he's a great person. there's no question about that. >> i'm also married to a super model. [ laughter ] >> i just happen to turn the "instyle" magazine to page 29. do i understand [beep] what i need to see tomorrow? let's eat a [beep] snack. >> he brings that fire when he was the offensive coordinator and i think we have a coach with some swag and who likes to have fun and get after it. i don't know what they got, but i know what we got. i like what we got. >> you can see the jets-raiders right here tomorrow and stay tuned after the game for all the highlights and reaction on the fifth quarter it's the raiders home opener and it will be a full house. i know they're underdogs, but the raiders different field there, different culture there this year. >> i've within hearing -- i've been hearing about the energy. >> yeah, they don't like to
5:57 pm
hope to win now. they expect to win every game. they were mad in buffalo. i wouldn't want to be the jets tomorrow. >> good to hear. >> kim, thank you. all right. call it a fashion don't at the shark tank tonight. a season ticket holder has been told he can no longer wear a t- shirt sporting his company's name. why he says he's being singled out and why the team says it's all about fairness. don with the fashion police right now. that and more in 30 minutes. eyewitness news at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half han our. until then, our news updates on cbs
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